How could I get the python command that allows replaying a bug (crashes of Flux, error messages,..)?

In Flux, during the execution of an action corrupted by a bug, there are no associated python command lines. In fact, python commands of incomplete actions are not displayed in Flux and are not saved in the py file. Sometimes the python commands could be needed in order to replay a bug.

In order to get the python command that allows replaying a bug, follow the instructions below:


In the Flux Supervisor [Options] [System] [Debug] select Advanced mode and click on Apply and then OK.

2Launch Flux and open project.
3From menu [Project] [Command file], click on Disable command execution (Prepare batch)
4Run the action involving the bug. The associated python command will be displayed in the Echo zone although the action was not completed.
5Copy the python command and save it in file