How can I create a sphere using the Modeler 3D?

In order to create a sphere in Modeler 3D of Flux, you have to follow the procedure below :

1Create a geometric parameter RADIUS=1 from menu Construction->Geometric parameter->New
2Create two reference points P1(0,0,2*RADIUS/3) and P2(0,0,-2*RADIUS/3) from menu Construction->Reference->Reference point->New
3Create a reference line between P1 and P2 from menu Construction->Reference->Reference line->New
4Create a sketch in the XZ plane from menu Tools-> Sketch->Create
5Create an arc with two extremities points
6Parameterize the points P3(RADIUS, 0, 0) and P4(-RADIUS, 0, 0)
7Create a segment to close the arc
8Close the context Sketcher 2D
9Extrude the face 1 with extrusion type Around axis from menu Tools->Extrusion->New
10Repeat the object 3 times with angle 90 around axis 1 from menu Tools->Circular repetition->New
11Assembly the 4 objects from menu Tools->Assembly->New