Experts in Discrete Element Modeling (EDEM) Validation for Packed Bed Structural Properties


G. E. Mueller, M. H. Al-Dahhan, V. Khane


American Institute of Chemical Engineers


AIChE Conference -2010 Annual Meeting



Experts in Discrete Element Modeling (EDEM) is a discrete element method (DEM) based modeling software capable of providing a wealth of information about granular solid flows occurring in many industrial applications. A computational study involving application of EDEM to pebble bed nuclear reactor application is being performed at Missouri S&T. Prior to full involvement with EDEM based numerical simulations, an effort has been made to validate the packing algorithm used in EDEM; particularly for cylindrical packed bed applications. This is essential; as the local flow and transport properties are closely coupled with structural characteristics of a packed bed which in turn depend on the packing of the particles. It is well known that the distribution of particles in a randomly packed bed reactor shows a certain degree of order close to the container wall and dispersion when moved towards the center. Also, the radial voidage profile exhibits a typical shape of damped oscillation, with higher values of voidage at the wall. These structural properties will be used to compare the EDEM based packing algorithm results against the previously reported experimental and numerical simulations data for range of aspect ratios. The results of this validation study will provide recommendations/suggestions to simulate real packing bed structures using EDEM and henceforth perform additional reliable numerical analysis.


Packed Bed, validation