Experiments and discrete element method simulations of distribution of static load of grain bedding at bottom of shallow model silo


J. Horabik, M. Molenda, P. Parafiniuk




Biosystems Engineering



The influences of a filling method, seed size and seed aspect ratio on the radial distribution of the vertical pressure at the bottom of a shallow model silo were studied. Two filling methods were applied: central and circumferential. Seeds of five varieties were used: horse bean (Vicia faba), field pea (Pisum sativum), wheat (Triticum), vetch (Vicia) and rapeseed (Brassica napus).The vertical pressure at the bottom was influenced by the filling methods and seed size. A significant dip in the vertical pressure near the centre of the silo radius was observed in each experimental case except the rapeseed case. Discrete element method (DEM) simulations confirmed the impact of the filling methods on the pressure distribution. The pressure increased with increasing radius for central filling and decreased with increasing radius for circumferential filling. DEM simulations of filling with higher particle kinetic energies produced the greatest vertical pressures near the centre of the silo radius, whereas the lowest values were located close to the silo centre and wall.


friction mobilization, grain in bulk, pressure distribution, silo loads

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