Error 1320 Specified Path is Too Long (Alternative Solution)


Getting the Error 1320 Specified path is too long during installation



Can't allocate a specific path folder during installation.



1. Verify first if they are an Admin, if not, let them seek for Admin rights first before installing Monarch. If yes, proceed to the next step.


 2. If you don't see the "Documents" folder, unhide the directory:

• Open Windows Explorer

• Navigate to "C:\ProgramData"

• Click on View Tab

• Make sure you tick the "Hide Items"

• Click Option

• Click Change folder and search options

• Click View

• Untick 'Hide Protected Operating Systems files'

• Hit Apply. It will enable you to see "C:\ProgramData\Documents" folder shortcut.


Note: if you still can't see the shortcut folder, just tick and untick the "Hide Items" in View Tab.


 3. Rename the Documents folder shortcut to "Documents_1" and create a new folder, rename it as "Documents".

 4. Try to install Monarch again. Check the new folder you created if the "Datawatch Monarch" folder was created inside it before launching the software.