EDEM Research Spotlight- Calibration of DEM parameters for cohesive powder flow

Calibration of DEM parameters for cohesive powder flow

Prathamesh Sankhe
Purdue University, USA
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Carl Wassgren
August 2019 - May 2021
In this project we're developing methods for calibrating DEM parameters for several cohesive pharmaceutical powders.  The DEM models will be used to predict powder flow behavior during storage and feeding.  The calibration effort includes the development of an optimization algorithm to vary DEM input parameters in order to minimize the error between the DEM predictions and corresponding simple experimental systems.  DEM parameters to be varied include contact stiffnesses, friction coefficients, coefficients of restitution, and cohesive energies.  Sensitivity to these parameters, as well as to particle size distribution and density will also be investigated.  Predictions from the DEM simulation using the calibrated parameters will be compared to those from corresponding, more complex experimental systems. Sponsor AbbVie
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