Debugging Altair Monitor License Status Data Collection Failure. (all versions)

This article describes how to debug the problem when Altair® Monitor™ fails to collect license usage data (flexlm utility tool).

The symptoms:

1. The Current/Overview (web UI) shows the data hasn't been received for the license tag.

2. Error alert and task status is marked as "Failed" on the Admin/Tasks web page.

How to troubleshoot:

1. Log on to Monitor’s web UI as admin.

2. Navigate to the Admin/Tasks page.

3. Click on the failed task (e.g., <license_tag>.stat).

4. Check the task log and identify the generic status command:

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5. Log on to the Monitor server and execute the generic status command.

6. If the command fails to return valid data, check to see if both versions (the status command version used by Monitor and the license daemon version running on the license server) are compatible:

On the Monitor server run the command: "lmstat -v".

On the license server run the command: "lmgrd -v".

7. Perform any necessary upgrade (or sometimes, downgrade) to ensure both flexlm utility tool versions are compatible and the generic status command returns valid data on the Monitor server.

8. Next, try running the Monitor CLI command in the Monitor project environment and see if an error occurs.

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          9. If an error occurs, open a support case.