Analysis of seed processing by the distinct element method


C. Hare, M. Ghadiri, M. Pasha, P.M. Piccione, S. Taylor


AIP Publishing LLC


AIP Conference Proceedings



The undesirable breakage of seeds during processing may result in quality degradation. Seeds experience a portfolio of shear and impact stresses as they flow through various machinery, and this may cause surface damage as well as integral damage. An in-depth study and understanding of the microscopic mechanisms of the various processes is needed to investigate and address the problem of breakage. The main aim of this work is to carry out a parametric study of the effect of sliding and rolling friction on the flow field of seeds in a seed coater device by modeling particles motion using Distinct Element Method (DEM). It was found that sliding friction plays an important role in changing the flow pattern and particles solid fraction in a specified measurement cell. However, study of particle rolling friction showed that flow pattern and solid fraction of particles will not be affected once the coefficient of rolling friction exceeds a value of 0.1.


coating, dem, Granular flow, Parametric Study, Seed Processing

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