How Do I Create a Set of Nodes with Various IDs? (FlowTracer)

To create a set of nodes with various IDs, you may 1) add the nodes one by one using vovset attach, or 2) you can create a rule and create the set using vovset create.

Here, we discuss the second option. Use the Documentation Help to view available operators that can be used to define the rule. You can use 'id' to retrieve the nodeId, ~ or == to string match or integer match, '|' for the OR operation.

In this example, we create a set with members:

  1. a job with nodeId 00001033
  2. a file with nodeId 00001061

This does not work, because of operator precedence:

id~1033 | id~1061

However, this works:

(id~1033) | (id~1061)

Remember the operator precedence, where '|' comes before '~'.