MotionSolve and EDEM Co-simulation of an Excavator


This demonstration problem shows how to assess components of an excavator under realistic loads. It shows how to

  • Estimate loads for fatigue analysis
  • Size the hydraulic actuators to ensure desired performance when handling different materials
  • Verify dynamic response and system stability

Flexible components created using OptiStruct are included in the multibody model. Hydraulic actuators are modeled in Activate and exported as FMUs to the multibody model. Bulk materials - iron ore and coal - are modeled in EDEM.

A co-simulation between MotionSolve and EDEM is run to obtain the desired results. 

Requirements to run this simulations:

  1. Operating System: Windows only
  2. Altair Products needed: MotionView, MotionSolve, Compose, Activate and EDEM 
  3. Working knowledge of all the above products and knowledge of co-simulation (Use MotionView tutorials to gain familiarity)

Instructions to run the model:

  1. Please open the required XML file in a text editor (Excavator_Coal.xml or Excavator_IronOre.xml)
  2. Scroll down to the first FMU - you can look for '<FMU' in the XML
  3. Under 'Path' - please update the path based on where you have downloaded the files - For e.g.
    path = "XXX/01_Excavator_MS_EDEM_2021.1_27Jul2021/03_Controls/sb_BoomHydraulics.fmu"
  4. Repeat this for the remaining FMUs. There are totally 4 FMUs (Note: You do not need to change the EDEM FMU)
  5. Now open EDEM and open the required EDEM file (EDEM_Coal.dem or EDEM_IronOre.dem)
  6. Switch to Simulator in EDEM and change the 'Simulation Engine' to 'CPU Solver'. You can pick the number of cores as desired.
  7. Turn on the Coupling Server
  8. Now open, Altair Compute Console and choose the XML file that you edited in steps 2-4.
  9. Hit RUN - and the model should start running





Usage/Installation Instructions

Follow instructions in the pptx