Getting Started With PSIM

 New to PSIM? The following videos can get you started:

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Get Started with PSIM

Examples & Tutorials, how to use PSIM Help

How to Change Variables Mid-simulation with PSIM

Using the Lookup Table to Make a Variable Resistor

How to use PSIM subcircuit

Switch Modules with Common Converter Types

Run LTspice from PSIM and define a dual PSIM/SPICE model

Using PSIM Free Run Mode & Runtime Variables with a Full-Bridge Rectifier




How to Analyze Waveforms with PSIM - v11 and older

New Timing Axis in PSIM

Add Multiple Y-axis for Waveform Analysis




How to perform an AC sweep with PSIM

PSIM AC Sweep - Ultimate Flexibility

Introduction to PSIM Multi-Sine AC Sweep

AC Sweep With Digital Delay Using Multi-Sine AC Sweep

AC Sweep Troubleshooting Tips

Performing a Parameter Sweep in PSIM

Buck Input Impedance

Buck Converter Output Impedance

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