EDEMpy example: Segregation index in drum mixer


EDEMpy is a Python library for post-processing and analysis of EDEM simulation data and takes advantage of EDEMs hdf5 file structure. Using the library, it is easy to extract specific data from a simulation deck and process that data in a customizable and reusable way.

In this example the segregation index (SI = 2 -> No Mixing, SI = 1 -> Random Uniform Mixing, SI = 0 -> Perfect Mixing) is calculated for a drum mixer. A script is provided that calculates the segregation index for the mixer over time.

Note: You must run the attached EDEM simulation deck before running “SegregationIndex-Time_Example.py”.

Further Readings

M. Marigo, D. L. Cairns, M. Davies, A. Ingram, and E. H. Stitt, “A numerical comparison of mixing efficiencies of solids in a cylindrical vessel subject to a range of motions,” Powder Technol., vol. 217, pp. 540–547, 2012, doi: 10.1016/j.powtec.2011.11.016. 

Usage/Installation Instructions

Once the EDEM simulation is complete, the python script file can be executed from the EDEM Analyst interface (File->Run EDEMpy script). The script will output the graph showing the variation in segregation index over the simulation time. These plots, labeled 'SegIndex', can be found in the same locations as the EDEM deck.