Where is HyperMesh, HyperView and HyperGraph (legacy interface) in 2022.2 on Windows platforms?

From version 14, we have developped a new User Experience for HyperMesh, and we released a first official version in 2019. For multiple versions, we have supported both the old (legacy) HyperMesh interface and this new User Experience, and we will still support both of them up to 2023 release.


However, with the release of version 2022.2, we are confident with the benefits brought with the new User Experience, and so we are speeding up the transition for our users with some small changes, including the removal of HyperMesh legacy interface from the start-up menu on Windows.


That said, HyperMesh is still available with 2022.2 and in the coming 2022.3 (see more details about our roadmap here: https://web.altair.com/new-hyperworks-experience) but you need to launch it manually:

  1. From the Windows start menu, right click on HyperWorks icon -> More -> Open File location
    it will open a file browser with the list of Altair Simulation icons.
  2. A HyperMesh icon is available. Right click on it -> Properties then switch to the general tab to uncheck "Hidden"


Now HyperMesh is available again in your start-in directory.