VOV: Find the dependencies of a job

To find job dependencies, use the VovConsole Node Editor or the vsx command at the command line.

To use the VovConsole, open (double-click) the desired node. Next, click the Navigate button. (It's to the right of the Update Node Editor button). A view will display, showing the node in relation to all of its inputs and outputs, along with their current status.

The vsx command will produce the same result as above, but in an ascii (character) format. The vsx command argument can be any node specifier for the target node -- the two simplest being the jobId or the file name. In the output, the lines above the node represent inputs and those below represent outputs.

Here is example command output from the FlowTracer User Guide, Section 8.9:

% vsx bb.txt
00000364 VALID      fc----- vw cp aa.txt bb.txt
         >>>> Node 00000012  VALID  ${TOP}/bb.txt
00000392 VALID      fc----- vw cp bb.txt cc.txt