VOV: Clear out old vovprojects

When you create a new NetworkComputer queue or a new FlowTracer project, each time, the system creates a registry entry and directory in the SWD. At a certain point, you may have hundreds of these. While these projects do not affect performance, they can clutter things up and take up much needed space. It's best to do some clean-up.

To get a list of available projects, run the following command:

vovproject list

This will show you all the projects and their owners.

To get a list of all projects known to your Runtime installation, run the following command:

vovproject list -a.

In the following example, there are eight different projects that were created.

 ~:vovproject list


1   licmon-1503 ybouvron ybmac 1234 running

2   licmon3     ybouvron ybmac 2222 obsolete

3   licmon      ybouvron ybmac 5557 running

4   licmon_1509 ybouvron ybmac 5559 running

5   licmon      ybouvron ybmac 5557 obsolete

6   trunk       ybouvron ybmac 9058 stopped

7   vnc1603     ybouvron ybmac 6217 obsolete

8   vnc         ybouvron ybmac 6271 running

9   vnc_u2      ybouvron ybmac 6277 stopped

There are three different statuses:

To remove a project, be sure it's in the stopped state. To stop the project, run the following command: 

vovproject stop <name>

To remove the registry entries along with the swd directory and all its content, run the following command:

IMPORTANT: vovproject destroy is irreversible. If you need the project again, you will have to restore it from backup or re-create it. Consider using the vovproject archive subcommand instead.

vovproject destroy <name>