Visualize Real-Time Telemetry Data from Formula 1 Cars

Panopticon is a real time visualization engine capable of consuming, processing, and displaying real-time streaming data from virtually any source. In this demo, real-time telemetry data from a simulated Formula 1 car on the Austria-Spielberg track is being delivered to Panopticon, which is then applying a series of statistical functions to the data on-the-fly and visualizing the results in a user-built dashboard. The system enables users to set alerts for critical parameters that may drift out of range during a race, visualize cumulative data for all streams, and perform comparisons with historical reference data for the car being monitored, other cars, other laps, other races, and more. The ability to visualize streaming data in real time and then drill down to investigate anomalies enables managers to understand the causal relationships that cause problems and reveal opportunities to improve performance.

This video was produced in September 2020 using Panopticon 2020.1.