Verify if an object is a closed solid

<body> <h1> Verify if an object is closed/solid </h1> <hr> <p> Some operations require closed solids. You can verify if an object is open/closed using two tools.</p> <p> <h4> Analysis - Area/Volume</h4> <ol> <li> Select the object </li> <li> Click Area/Volume</li> <li> In the control panel, expand the 'Display' parameter - Check the 'Open Surface Edges' option</li></ol> </p> <p> <h4> Analysis - Tolerance Check</h4> <ol> <li> Select the object </li> <li> Click Tolerance check</li> <li> In the control panel, the 'Result' parameter will say either "Open along x edges " or "closed solid"</li></ol></p> </body>