Vehicle Level Automotive Emission Test Simulation: CISPR 12 and 25 Using Altair Feko

Two of the most commonly applied standards by automotive engineers to suppress emissions are CISPR 12 and CISPR 25 - both are developed and established by EMC regulatory committee named as CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference) which is a part of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). While CISPR 12 is imposed as a regulation to protect off-board receivers from radiated emission from a vehicle, CISPR 25 is a general engineering standard practiced for maintaining the quality of services of on-board receivers from EMI caused by on-board electronic/electrical systems.

In this paper, a methodology of such testing in a simulation environment is demonstrated through examples using 3D Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) tool, Altair Feko. A study has also been conducted to see the effect of antenna placement on on-board receivers.