Vector-based model of elastic bonds for DEM simulation of solids


I. E. Asonov, V. A. Kuzkin


Cornell University Library




A new model for computer simulation of solids, composed of bonded rigid body particles, isproposed. Vectors rigidly connected with particles are used for description of deformation of asingle bond. The expression for potential energy of the bond and corresponding expressions forforces and moments are proposed. Formulas, connecting parameters of the model with longitudinal,shear, bending and torsional sti nesses of the bond, are derived. It is shown that the model allows todescribe any values of the bond sti nesses exactly. Two di erent calibration procedures dependingon bond length/thickness ratio are proposed. It is shown that parameters of model can be chosen sothat under small deformations the bond is equivalent to either Bernoulli-Euler rod or Timoshenkorod or short cylinder connecting particles. Simple expressions, connecting parameters of V-modelwith geometrical and mechanical characteristics of the bond, are derived. Computer simulation ofdynamical buckling of the straight discrete rod and half-spherical shell is carried out.


bond stiffness, Calibration, elastic bonds, V-model

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