Using DPM on the Way to Tailored Prismatic Spouted Beds


S.Antonyuk, S.Heinrich, V. Salikov




Chemie Ingenieur Technik



Spouted beds are used for miscellaneous applications such as drying, granulation, coating of solids and for chemical reactions. The discrete particle model (DPM) is a powerful tool supporting developers to create tailor-made spouted beds for specific process requirements. The limitation of DPM for large-scale simulations, resulting from high computational effort, can be avoided by simulation of rectangular apparatuses of appropriate thickness, since the fluid and particle dynamics are independent in this direction and scale-up can simply be achieved by extending of the apparatus thickness. In this contribution DPM was used to investigate the influence of the gas flow rate, the particle friction coefficient and the geometry basis angle on the particle dynamics in the spouted bed.Access Full Text


CFD-DEM coupling, Discrete element method, Discrete particle model, Spouted bed

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