Using Altair SLC Communicate with OpenSSH on Windows

If you a have Windows machine you would like to execute code on, you can install OpenSSH and connect to the machine through the Altair SLC Communicate module. Altair SLC Communicate enables execution of code on a remote machine from a local machine.

Before you begin: Ensure Altair SLC Analytics is installed on both your local machine, and the remote Windows machine.

  1. On the remote Windows machine, from Apps and features, install OpenSSH. More information can be found from the Microsoft website.
  2. Open Altair SLC Analytics on the local machine, then test the connectivity with the following SAS language program:
    %LET myvm=remote-id;
    SIGNON myvm SSH
    LAUNCHCMD="'path-to-install' -dmr";
    %PUT 'Hello';

    • In the %LET macro statement, replace remote-id with the name of the remote Windows machine.
    • In the SIGNON statement, replace user-name and password with your user name and password for the remote-id server, and replace path-to-install with the filepath of the Altair SLC installation on the remote machine.

The supported options for Altair SLC Communicate are described in the Altair SLC Communicate user guide.