Upgrade Linux from v2016 to v2019


These are the steps you have follow for the installation:
Download .tar files  common.tar, linux64.tar
+get a shell as the account that should own the installation
+ Untar the files into a temporary directory
    You may wish to keep the .tar files in case you need to re-install
+ run the graphical installer  (be sure DISPLAY is set)
% ./install.csh
should open new window for you, to fill in the values
  + RLM license: 7070@hostname
  + Verify the install path (usually a sibling of 2016.09)
  + Select 'version-independent local'     
     (This will share the local directory so both versions see the same list of projects)
Then click on start installation button
+ Once it finish Open new Shell cmd, and verify that it
    has current (2016.09) version Altair cmds in the PATH
    % vovversion -install
    % vovproject list -l
     (make note of LM and NC project names, if not using the default ones)
+ Stop NC and LM projects
    %ncmgr stop [-q vncNNN]
    %lmmgr stop [-name lm-project-name]
+ set up your shell to use 2019.01
    % source .../path-to-2019.01/common/etc/vovrc.sh  (or .csh, if using csh/tcsh)
% vovversion -install
** must see v2019 **
When its finish list all project
% vovproject list
(ABB -- I think this section should be unnecessary with shared local directory
  A better way to fix it would be to move the 2016.09 local directory to 
   $VOVDIR/../../local, then put symlink from 2016.09/common/local to it)
If you don’t see any project list then you should copy registry file from 2016 to 2019
First create administer file inside 2019.01/local/registry
Then copy database folder from 2016 to 2019
% cd /VOV/2019.01/local/registry
% mkdir administrator
% cp /VOV/2016.09/local/registry/administrator/. .
Check vovproject list if you can see the project listing
%vovproject list
LM project
NC project
+ Start LM first so that it will have license info available when NC is started
To start LM open new Shell
check the version make sure its 2019.01
  %  vovversion -install
If its not then do the following
  % source .../path-to-201901/common/etc/vovrc.sh
  % vovversion -install
** must see v2019 **
  % lmmgr start [-name licmonNNN]
  % vovproject list 
     (should show LM 'running')
  % vovproject enable NameOfLM
  % vsi
+ point your browser to host:port shown in vsi output to verify LM started OK
+ Start NC project
  % vncmgr start [-q NameOfNC]
*******.  If it shows port 'any' hit NO  and follow this step ******
  % ncmgr start -q NameOfNC -port  NNNN -roport NNNN -webport NNNN
    Replace all NNN with same port numbers  that you used in version 2016
Once you click enter
Check the port numbers are correct and number of file descriptors is sufficient
Then enter 'yes'
Point your browser to http://hostname:port to verify that NC started