The Research of the Numerical Simulation on the Granular Ballast Bed Tamping


T. Zhou, W. Li, X. Geng, X. Wang, Y. Chi


Trans Tech Publications


Advanced Materials Research



Under the action of high speed train and the repeated heavy vehicles, the granular ballast bed produce degradation and deformation that do not restore, tamping homework is an effective method that is being used to recovery the elastic of the track. In this article, the discrete element method is be used to establish a cross discrete particle flow simulation model between ballast track bed and tamping picks, and to simulate the movement and vibration characteristics of the granular ballast particles while tamping. The three main work are included in this paper. With the large commercial software EDEM, the first main work is to research the modeling method of ballast particles. The second work is to establish firm-soft coupling particle flow simulation model among ballast 态sleeper and tamping picks. The third work is to validate the ballasts' mechanical properties' change rule under the railway sleeper, while different tamping working condition and out load are being implemented. The research shows the discrete element method is effective for solving the vibration problem produced during the process of tamping homework.


Discrete Element Method (DEM), EDEM, Granular ballast bed, Simulation, Tamping, Vibration characteristics

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