Test and Simulation of Rolling Friction Characteristics of Maize Seeds Based on High-speed Camera


C. Tao, D. Zhang, L. Jia, L. Wei, Y. Li


Journal of Agricultural Engineering


Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering



Abstract: The rolling friction coefficient of maize seed is an important basis for the calculation and calculation of seeder design, but there is no mature theory and method.Based on the principle of conservation of energy, the rolling friction between maize seed and plexiglass, galvanized steel and corn seed was studied by high speed camera technology. The rolling friction between corn seed and plexiglass, galvanized iron and corn seed was obtained. The coefficients are 0.0931, 0.0531 and 0.0782, respectively.The results show that the accuracy of the obtained data is high, which can provide the theoretical basis for the design calculation and simulation analysis of the seeder. The results show that the accuracy of the obtained data is high.


experiment, Friction, high speed camera, Maize, Seed, simulation analysis

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