Study on the channel flow control regulation of particle agents in fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs via CFD-DEM coupling method


B. Jiao, C. Dai, G. Zhao, J. Fang, L. He, Y. Wu




Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering



To define the migration and channel flow control (CFC) law of the particle plugging agent in fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs, the motion of the particles in the fractured-vuggy model was numerically analyzed via the computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method (CFD-DEM) coupled method. Typical vug and fracture models were established. The particle flow in the typical models was numerically analyzed. The density of the plugging agent equal to that of injected water is the main controlling factor of deep migration. It is inevitable that particles would remain in the vug which has a negative effect on the CFC treatment in fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs. The particle stuck is the key to realize the accumulation of the particle plugging agent. The ratio between the fracture width and the particle diameter is 3.2:1.4–3.0:1.0 when the particles get stuck in the fracture. Most of the particle retention is in the form of free accumulation in the fracture. The decrease in the free flow area caused by particle retention is the main channel flow control mechanism in the fracture.


CFD-DEM coupling method, Channel flow control regulation, Fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs, numerical simulation, Particle plugging agent

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