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Software Support Policy

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Altair Monarch (formerly Altair Modeler)


Versions 2022


Altair Monarch Server


Versions 2022


Altair Panopticon (formerly Panopticon Server) – Visualization Server


Versions 2022


Altair Knowledge Studio/Seeker


Versions 2022


Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark


Versions 2022


RapidMiner Studio


Version 9


Altair Workbench and SLC


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Product Development, Software Release, Maintenance and Support Policy

Product Development

The Altair product development and roadmap standards are based on the Altair mission of Get The Whole Story. Based on input from customers, analysts, and a combined company task force, the product development philosophy is built on four key principles:

Minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is a critical metric for the long-term success of any IT investment. Altair customers see a clear opportunity to lower their TCO. Customers can dramatically lower their TCO by reducing the need for redundant skill sets, administration, hardware, and IT operations involvement in the continuing and increased use of Altair products.

Provide a clear upgrade path. Customers stressed the importance of smooth upgrades and migration as Altair enhances and integrates new functionality into the products so that customers can “do more with less” software overhead.

Build on existing strengths. Customers want to build on the success they already have achieved, and for Altair to continue to improve and enhance current product functionality while maintaining the high degree of reliability.

Balance enhancement and integration with innovation. Customers want to see continued innovation as Altair moves forward with enhancement and integration along with new and developing technology.

This Policy


Altair understands the importance of a clear Software Release and Maintenance Policy. We are committed to maximizing our customer’s Return on Investment.


Major Release Number” (X.Y.Z) An increment of the major number generally indicates the addition of new major functionality or a major rework or rewrite of the code base (framework level). There is the possibility of incompatibility with previous major releases.

Minor Release Number” (X.Y.Z) An increment of the minor number generally indicates a significant change in functionality. There is moderate to high level of backward compatibility with previous minor releases.

Maintenance Release Number” (X.Y.Z) An increment of the maintenance number generally indicates bug fixing within the minor release and possibly limited new features. There is complete backward compatibility with previous maintenance releases.

Current Release.” The latest Maintenance Release of software currently available to the public.

Software Release Process.” This is the process that describes how and under what circumstances Altair releases software.

Software Release Policy Statement

These are the policies defined by Altair for the “Current Release”, the “Previous Release”, and the “Older Versions”:


Software Release Timeframes

As a general rule, a major release (as defined above) of all Altair software products will take place every 12 to 24 months. Minor version upgrade releases will occur as required and will usually be every 6 to 9 months. The general expectation is that there will be 2 minor, upgrade releases for every major version change. Maintenance releases will occur as required.

Software Support

Monarch, Monarch Server, Panopticon, and Altair Knowledge Studio supports the current major version of the software and one major version back for customers that are on current software maintenance and support agreement.

Altair Workbench and SLC supports each GA version for a minimum of either four years after its release date or three years after the release date of the following GA version, whichever is later. Each version may receive one or more revisions. Revisions do not affect EOL dates. - See more information about the product support

RapidMiner Studio and AI hub supports the major release for 2 years from its release date.

Support consists of the following:

Support vs. Maintenance

Support means assistance with installations and configurations, developing work-a-rounds to functionality issues and general support and assistance in the operation of the software. Support does not imply maintenance of any version of the software other than the current maintenance release, as described above.

Maintenance is correcting operational, configuration and functional issues and errors discovered in the software after commercial release to general availability. Errors may be discovered by customers and/or ongoing internal testing. These errors will be resolved through periodic maintenance releases, as required, based on the above policy.


. End of Life Announcement

The following Panopticon products and capabilities have been deprecated.

These include:


Prior releases will continue to be supported as defined in existing support and maintenance agreements.


To schedule consulting time in aid of your migration please email: 


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