Skip a job in FlowTracer

FlowTracer jobs can be skipped (autoflowed) by using either the command line interface (CLI), or the VovConsole GUI interface. To designate a skipped job, FlowTracer assigns it a skip property. After this property, the next time the node is traced, it should validate and be skipped by FlowTracer. Skipped nodes will show up in a slightly different color, usually a more muted shade.


To set autoflow in VovConsole, there are two methods. You can highlight the desired node or nodes in the main NodeViewer screen, and then right-click and select "Status" and then "Skip". Or you can double-click the desired node and open it in the Node Editor. In the Node Editor, click the skip Flag on the "job info" tab. Finally, click the disk icon on the upper right to save the setting.

Command Line

At the command line in a shell, the property can be set on a job by specifying the jobID to the vovjobskip command. Below is a sample syntax for setting the skip property:

% vovjobskip -e "Test needs to be fixed" 1234567

in this case, 1234567 is the jobID to be skipped.