Simulations of Electromagnetic Metamaterials in the Microwave regime using the Computational Electromagnetics tool Altair Feko®

In this paper the results from simulations of scattering from different kinds of Metamaterials (MTMs) in the presence of conducting objects and surfaces in the microwave regime (1 - 10 GHz), generated by an industry-standard computational electromagnetics tool Altair Feko®, are presented. Both lossless and lossy type non-dispersive MTMs are investigated, and the scattering characteristics from both analytical and numerical methods are obtained. Results agree between the methods employed to obtain scattering characteristics. Furthermore, the work in this paper provides guidance to users of Feko on how to create metamaterial-based simulations. The analytical results displayed in this article have been published in prior research articles and are only used as reference to establish Feko’s correctness in obtaining those results. This article provides in-depth guidelines and showcases Feko’s capabilities simulating MTM based scenarios using different examples.