Simulation of fresh concrete flow using Discrete Element Method (DEM): theory and applications


A. Gram, J.-H. Schwabe, K. Krenzer, N. Roussel, S. Shyshko, V. Mechtcherine




Materials and Structures



This article provides an overview of the development and the contemporary state of research in the field of simulating fresh concrete flow using the Discrete Element Method (DEM). First, this work originating from TC 222-SCF simulation of fresh concrete flow, covers the mathematical methodology, the identification of the model parameters and the link between the rheological properties of fresh concrete and the parameters of DEM-based models. Various examples of the estimation of model parameters and calibration of the model were demonstrated, followed by verifications by comparing the numerical results and the corresponding predictions by analytical formula and laboratory experiments. Furthermore, software used in concrete engineering and existing industrial applications of the developed particle models were described, showing the potential of DEM.


Distinct element method, Fresh concrete, numerical simulation, Rheology

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