Simulation Driven Design of a Portable Basketball Hoop Initial Steps

A simulation-driven design process is proven to generate improved, more robust and cost-effective designs within a shorter design cycle. Incorporating simulation and optimization early in the design cycle helps shape the concept designs so less iterations and rework is necessary as the design matures.

This paper is intended to discuss the initial steps that can be taken when using a simulation-driven design approach to design and engineer products. Several of Altair’s design and engineering tools will be coupled to achieve various design goals.

For this case study, a portable basketball hoop system is chosen for several reasons. This is a product that is common in everyday life, easily understood and has several challenging design goals. Within Altair’s software suite, HyperWorks, there are several programs that will be leveraged to tackle these challenges. Inspire and Inspire Motion are used to mock-up concept geometries and mechanisms as well as generate design spaces. OptiStruct is used to analyze and optimize the structure to meet certain user-defined criteria.