Simulation and research on landing impact between lander and lunar regolith based on DEM


K. Zhang, P. Liang, P. Xue, X. Hou, Y. Wang




2016 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation



Landing-impact between lander and lunar regolith is the decisive factor to soft landing and relates directly to the safety of detection equipment. In this paper, the landing-impact process and the interaction between lander and regolith is researched using the discrete element simulation. Firstly, the landing-impact model is established based on discrete element theory and the mechanical properties of lunar regolith. Many simulations in different working conditions are conducted to study the vertical impact. Secondly, to study the process of landing-impact, dynamic response, stress distribution and motion in a certain condition are studied and the phenomenon of landing impact is explained. Finally, the influence of velocity and mass on the landing-impact is summarized through contrastive analysis. The research in this paper provides reference for the design of lander buffering mechanism and the establishment of the theoretical model.


Discrete Element Simulation, Dynamic Analysis, Lander, Landing impact, Lunar Regolith

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