Simulation and Analysis the Drum Dryers Flight Structure Based on EDEM


C. Gao, D. Wang, F. Liang, G. Wang, L. Shen, X. Zhang


Amercan Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


2014 ASABE Annual Meeting



The Drum Dryers is one of oldest drying equipment, the drum dryers have flights which it can raising the solid and increase the contact area with the hot air. Traditional research the flights structure was based on theoretical analysis and experimental research. Theoretical analysis requires a lot of simplifying and assumptions and experiment need a lot of material and cost. The study used software is EDEM. The software of discrete element simulation analysis can solve tradition study problems. The software can intuitive understanding the solution of different flight thrown the slide and trajectory. During the simulation process can observation the Lifting flights is very suitable drying solid for large volume, high viscosity and non-friable, However fix another lifting rotary drum is suitable drying solid for small volume, high density and friable.


Drum Dryers, EDEM, Flights, Simulation

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