Simulation Analysis and Design of Flight in a Triple-pass Drum Dryers of Organic Fertilizer Based on EDEM


D. Wang, G. Wang, H. Shen, T. Lei, X. Zhang


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting



Granulating is an effective way for the organic fertilizer storing and utilizing. Generally, the process of making fertilizer is granulating in wet and then drying in a single-pass drum dryer. In this study, a triple-pass drum dryer was designed and used for drying the fertilizer granule.Using this technology, the wet fertilizer which means high density and high quality materials can be dried efficiently. This tilting arrangement dryer can make the material move frequently by a certain type of flight. It can make the material climbing up in the middle drum and ensuring the material flow continuously in the dryer.Meantime, the EDEM software was introduced to simulate the movement of the material in dryer. The results showed that this kind of triple-pass rotary dryer work well.


drum drying, EDEM, organic fertilizer, triple-pass dryer

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