Sensor for monitoring rice grain sieve losses in combine harvesters


L. Xu, Y. Li, Z. Liang, Z. Zhao




Biosystems Engineering



Grain sieve losses are important parameters to judge the performance of cleaning shoes in combine harvesters. To keep grain sieve loss within acceptable limits, an impact-type piezoelectric sensor was developed for real-time monitoring. Rice grain and short straw particle models were established according to their physical properties, and discrete element method (DEM) simulations were carried out to understand their collision behaviour with the sensor. The influence of grain shape, straw length and impact angle on variations of the maximum normal contact force and force rise-time were analysed in detail. Differences in normal collision force, and force rise-time occurred which lead to corresponding differences in signal frequency and voltage amplitude. A signal processing circuit, which mainly consisted of a band-pass filter circuit and a voltage comparator circuit, was designed to discriminate for full grains. Field tests results indicated that measurement errors recorded by the sensor and checked against manually measurements were <4.48%.


Field test, grain sieve loss, impact behaviour, Rice

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