Scale-Up of Lubricant Mixing Process by Using V-Type Blender Based on Discrete Element Method


M. Horibe, R. Sonoda, S. Watano




Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin



A method for scale-up of a lubricant mixing process in a V-type blender was proposed. Magnesium stearate was used for the lubricant, and the lubricant mixing experiment was conducted using three scales of V-type blenders (1.45, 21 and 130‚ÄČL) under the same fill level and Froude (Fr) number. However, the properties of lubricated mixtures and tablets could not correspond with the mixing time or the total revolution number. To find the optimum scale-up factor, discrete element method (DEM) simulations of three scales of V-type blender mixing were conducted, and the total travel distance of particles under the different scales was calculated. The properties of the lubricated mixture and tablets obtained from the scale-up experiment were well correlated with the mixing time determined by the total travel distance. It was found that a scale-up simulation based on the travel distance of particles is valid for the lubricant mixing scale-up processes.


Discrete element method, lubricant mixing, numerical simulation, scale-up

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