Save frequently used models

<body> <h1> Save frequently used models </h1> <hr> <p> You can save any model in Studio into a repository that can be accessed any time. This allows efficient reuse and recycle of frequently used models. </p> <h4> To save a model to library: </h4> <p> <ol> <li> Select the object. </li> <li> File - Save selected as model </li> <li> Specify the Package Category (You may create your own)</li> <li> Choose a preview type (this will be used as thumbnail)</li> <li> Click OK to save </li> </ol> <h4> To import a saved model from library: </h4> <p> <ol> <li> Go to Model Library </li> <li> Click the desired group </li> <li> Double click the model to import</li> <li> Depending on the package type, you may be required to save the current file before import is completed.</li></ol> <video width="1920" height="1080" autoplay> <source src="save_as_model.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video> </body>