SAP - Detail Shipment vs AR Aging

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These ERP applications generate reports that are critical to the management of financial operations and supply chain operations. For example, a Detail Shipment report provides a detail listing of customers with recent purchases orders. It can be helpful to combine this report with an Accounts Receivable Aging report to customers with outstanding balances that have just placed new orders. This can help finance and accounting teams to prioritize with orders to hold while the follow up with customers who have outstanding invoices that need to be paid before new orders are fulfilled. This will help protect revenues and reduce risk on the balance sheet.

This process can be time consuming and can take up to 30mins a day, but with Monarch the process can be accomplished in significantly less time. This example demonstrates how Monarch can quickly extract data from a Detailed Shipment report and combine it with an AR Aging report to identify customers who are past due but have recently made new orders.