RISA® ADAPT-Builder Integration with Altair S-CONCRETE

For users of RISA®’s ADAPT-Builder platform, who want to perform concrete design, there are links to S-CONCRETE that facilitate the concrete column and wall design workflow.  ADAPT-Bulder – S-CONCRETE workflow users can  

  • Access their tributary and/or FEM loads from the ADAPT-Builder analysis to represent the demands on their S-CONCRETE section 

  • Account for live load reductions and consider slenderness in the concrete section 

  • Create user-defined design group creation 

  • Output code check status, utilization ratios, and rho (percentage steel area). 

  • Optionally launch S-CONCRETE as a standalone application to design beams as well as column and wall sections. 

We will describe the workflow for users to perform concrete code checking and design using the S-CONCRETE design engine. 

Ensure that both programs are installed on your machine and that the S-CONCRETE Professional or Enterprise edition is used (available in the Altair Marketplace SE (Structural Engineer) or ASE (Advanced Structural Engineer) suites.  

  1. Perform an analysis on your ADAPT-Builder model using the Tributary Area and/or FEM analysis approach.   


  1. Group like members together in design groups. 

  1. Define section types,  and reinforcement for each column in the model that you want to code check and design with S-CONCRETE. 

  1. Select Force Sources from solved analysis load cases/combinations. 

  1. Code Check – each column will be code checked, given a representative utilization ratio, and set of design data.  This information is viewable  graphically or  tabular format.  Users can also view S-CONCRETE Design Reports in an HTML file format. 


  1. Design – This process runs S-CONCRETE’s Auto-design engine for all loading scenarios in the design group to determine the best possible section arrangement.  At the end of the design, a table will detail the original design parameters, and the proposed design parameters. The S-CONCRETE Design Report can also be viewed in an HTML file format. 


It is worth noting that you can launch section design in the S-CONCRETE interface from ADAPT Builder, if you wish, or launch S-CONCRETE as a separate program.