Restart capability for OptiStruct with HyperWorks



OptiStruct currently supports restart functionality for Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization.

Typical use cases for restarting a nonlinear analysis are:


1.In model browser Right click on Card>Create> RestartW.

2.Select required parameter for RestartW control.


 Whenever a new restart analysis information file (*.rnl) is written, the previous restart analysis information file is removed, unless it was the last frame for a nonlinear subcase.

Activates enhanced Restart functionality where, in addition to the traditional *.rnl file, a new <filename>.rmdx file is output. The new .rmdx file contains the full model information and you can define only additional data (new subcases and so on) in the RESTARTR run. In this case, the traditional. rmd restart model file is not output.


Figure 1. RESTARTW in I/O section of .fem file

This will create RESTARTW.


4. Now for second case we will read this result to use in second subcase. Right click on Cards>Create> RESTARTR


5.Select option to control RESTARTR.


For this run filename _sub1_inc0010 is used to continue second subcase from result of filename.fem.


Figure 2. RESTARTR in I/O section of .fem file