Replacing a Network License File on the Server Machine on Linux

This article is intended to guide you through the process of updating the license file on the Altair License Server on a Linux environment.


Replacing the file:

  1. Rename the new license file to altair_lic.dat
  2. Place it in the installation location of the Altair License Manager (ALM). The default directory should be <install_location>/altair/licensing15.2
  3. If necessary, change the LICENSE_FILE setting in the altair-serv.cfg file to point to your new license file. 
  4. Restart the Altair License Server.

The installer provides startup scripts in the appropriate place for your version of the operating system. You should use the systemctl command to start, stop or restart the service, e.g. # systemctl restart altairlmxd 


Please note: No other license files, other than the current license file, should be present in the installation directory after the replacement process.



You will need a license file supplied by Altair Engineering, Inc. to complete the licensing process. If you do not have a license, contact your account manager at Altair Engineering, Inc. or your local Altair support office for assistance. With your request, provide the Hostid value of your license server.


Remember that in case you experience any difficulties along this process, you can contact Altair Support at the landing page of Altair Community.