Process Analysis for Blast Furnaces by the Discrete Element Method


N. Taihei, S. Michitaka, T. Kanji


JFE Steel Corporation


JFE Technical Report



Discrete element method (DEM) calculation revealed the following: A packed bed in a blast furnace is supported by the formation of a network structure by particles receiving heavy stress. And the stress at the contact point of coke in the network can exceed the compressive strength. Shaft angle strongly affects solid flow and strength of stress in a blast furnace. On the assumption that the particle size of coke in molten pig iron decreases due to carbon dissolution, a coke powder layer is formed in the stagnant zone. The layer can protect the refractory of hearth against erosion, and its thickness is strongly affected by the depth of hearth and load of burden.


Blast furnace, shaft angle, stress

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