Predicting Blank Shape for a multistage setup.

This is to predict the blank shape when there is a trimming or piercing operation is available in the multistage setup with an open trim line/multiple lines.

Step 1. Run the complete simulation with the flat blank.
Step 2. Extract the outer edge of the final stage blank component for prediction.
Step 3. Predict the trim line using the extracted edge from step 2. This helps in predicting the closed trim line. To predict a trim line, follow the below steps:

1.To predict the closed trim line, select the Predict tool in the interface and select the Trim line tool.

2.Select the results for the last stage from the Analysis ExplorerOperation menu.

3.Isolate the blank component and show the extracted edge from the model browser. (to access model browser – press F2 in the
keyboard or go to view button in the menu bar and select model
4.Select the extracted edge from step 2 and click on Predict option to predict the line.

Step 4. Once the trim line is predicted, go to the Predict tool again and select the Blank shape tool.
Step 5. Now select the previous operation to the trimming stage and isolate the blank component and show the closed trim line from the model browser.
Step 6. Now select the closed trim line and click on the predict option to predict the blank shape to be used from the first stage.

Summary: If we have a trimming operation in between the multistage forming operations and wants to predict the blank shape then it is not recommended to follow the outer edge of last stage, as due to trimming/piercing operation in between the stages, the line will not be able to predict the blank shape and provides an irregular blank shape profile. So, for that we need to predict the trimline first and then use that predicted line to predict the blank shape from 2nd stage blank.

(Note: If you are having a closed trim line available in the multistage setup, then using that same line, you can predict the blank shape. So in this case predicting the trim line is not required).