PollEx for Altium: Getting Started

Hello PollEx for Altium newbie!

We’re happy to guide you through the first steps in your journey making PCB design right the first time with simulation.

Discover the Altair PollEx for ECAD free offering at https://www.altair.com/pollex-for-ecad/. If you haven’t downloaded the PollEx for Altium (Win64) installer, please do so at https://www.altair.com/pollex-for-altium-free-download/.

Simply install the free Altair PollEx for Altium and its extension for Altium Designer and immediately start performing system-level simulation for signal integrity, EMI vulnerability, and more. The example in this short clip shows a DFM verification setup.

For any additional support question, please send us a message at pfasupport@altair.com.

Ready to try the full version of Altair PollEx? Get a free 60-day trial at www.altair.com/pollex-for-altium.


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