Plot result value curve along animation section cut

Result values can be evaluated along a node path in HyperView, and additionally coupled with a section cut.


Below example shows nodal bound results (see here simple averaged Von Mises stresses).




A section cut in arbitrary position can be created, e.g. from the Browser context menu.



When selecting the item in the Browser, you can edit it's attributes in the Entity Editor below.






A measure entity can be used now to access contour values.







The type needed for this example is "Node Path".

With "Pick Entities" the user should select start and end node, and a node path will be created automatically in between.



The path can be placed anywhere in the mesh.

In case of using the border of a section cut as node path, see that artificial nodes are created at the intersection of the original mesh lines and the section cut, marked by an asterisc (*). Result values will be interpolated at these positions.





Now from the "Select" option of the measure entity




 the option to "Create Curves" is available, where the items that should be used can be chosen.





The curve can be placed in an existing or new plot window, and the desired output for X- / Y-Axis can be selected.

Activated "Live Link" will create a math based curve, that will update dynamically with every change that is made to the original data in the HyperView client, like e.g. changing the result to a different output.




Finally a curve with X-Axis range from start to end node of the path is created, showing the contour result value on it's Y-Axis.