Plot over multiple subcases

HyperGraph can plot over / from multiple inputs directly based on result files. These inputs can be files or subcases. Below article shows the subcase selection. For the file selection please see this Knowledge Base article:



Open the "Create Curves by File"-GUI by Ribbon Icon




or DropDown  "File" > "Open" > "A time history file"




Here switch to TAB "Multiple Inputs".


1. switch to Source = Subcase

2. select the result file from where to plot




3. select the subcases that should be considered in plotting from the list, that shows those available in the file

4. and by the arrow icon to the right finalize their selection




5. select some options as desired like a name for the selection set, Prefix / Suffix naming, or especially how the vectors of the curves to be plotted should be defined. This defines if the final curve will e.g. attach the data after another in X-axis-direction to form one single curve put of all selected subcases, or if a separate curve should be created for each of the subcases.

6. with "Select" the process is applied.




7. back in the TAB for Y-Source the recently created Subcase Set is available as selection

8. and the desired outputs for Type / Request / Component can be selected as usual.

9. with "Plot" the curves will be created.




And the plot is done. See here an example for attaching x-vectors of the subcases, to form 6 curves for 6 selected Requests (see above screenshot), and for each the 3 subcases are attached in X-direction.