PE-Expert4 Hardware

As power converters and motor drives get more complex with faster switching speeds, a high-performance digital control development system is required. PSIM combined with the PE-Expert4 development system provides a dedicated tool for each aspect of this workflow. This video explains how digital control code can be generated from PSIM to run on the PE-Expert4, a high-performance DSP/FPGA development system. The PE-Expert4 can be used to control hardware, a motor drive in this video, or interfaced with the Typhoon-HIL for a high-fidelity real-time hardware simulation. The power stage that the Typhoon-HIL is emulating can also be exported from PSIM for seamless integration of all three parts. The PSIM to PE-Expert4 code generation allows for up to 144 PWMs to be controlled at 400kHz. It is best practice to ensure that the control system works before the real hardware is energized. A high-fidelity Typhoon-HIL can provide the real-time verification required and allow you to energize the real hardware with confidence.