OptiStruct Explicit Analysis Showcase

The purpose of this document is to showcase some of the capabilities of OptiStruct explicit analysis. The intention is not to present an exhaustive set of examples covering all the capabilities. Some commonly used applications like analysis of Hyperelastic materials and snap fit analyses are presented. Three examples are presented namely,
1) Rubber Ring – Problem taken from Radioss and OptiStruct Example Guides
2) Snap Fit1 – CAD of the snap fit taken from the public domain www.grabcad.com
3) Snap Fit2 – Geometry taken from OS-E:0155 and modified to include sharp corners

The results from the OptiStruct explicit analysis are compared with the results from OptiStruct implicit static analysis, OptiStruct implicit transient analysis and Radioss explicit analysis, whenever applicable. Unless mentioned otherwise, the version used for all OptiStruct and Radioss runs in this study is 2022.3
Additional details are given in the PDF file that is separately attached. Since animations are not included in the PDF file, they are embedded in this article body.
Similar titles as used in the PDF are used here so that the reader can easily identify the animations.

Original Radioss Example: RD-E: 4200 Animation


Rubber Ring – Animations


Snap Fit1 – Animation & FD Curve


Snap Fit2 – Animation & FD Curve