OptiStruct Contact Using ALM Method

Four examples are presented in this document to demonstrate OptiStruct contact using ALM (Augmented Lagrange Multiplier) method in implicit nonlinear static analysis.

1) Rubber Ring: Compression of a ring made of a Hyperelastic material in excess of 100% strain, involving self-contact
2) Wedge: Large deformation of a plastic part resembling a wedge
3) Solid Rubber Tire Compression: Involves compression of solid rubber tire on a metal wheel
4) Rolling Fatigue Virtual Test: Virtual simulation of the rolling fatigue test using a simplified model
Details are given in the PDF file that is separately attached. Since animations are not included in the PDF file, they are embedded in this article body.
Similar titles as used in the PDF are used here so that the reader can easily identify the animations.

Rubber Ring - Step1 & Step2 Animation


Rubber Ring - Step2 Animation

Wedge - Animations


Solid Rubber Tire Compression - Animations          Animation shown with X-Section Cut


Rolling Fatigue Virtual Test -  Animations