OptiStruct 2021 Optimization: Basic Introduction Video Exercises

This set of data introduces you to setting up, running and postprocessing structural optimizations with Altair OptiStruct.
After defining a linear static and a modal analysis, you will apply a size and a topology optimization in OptiStruct, to a simple structure.
The HyperWorks applications HyperMesh and HyperView are used to set this up and postprocess it, in version 2021.
As prerequisite, basic knowledge of these applications is recommended, but not required.

The exercises are a small number of short videos, showing you in sequential order the steps of setting up the analysis and the optimizations.
Each video has the data available which is worked on in it, for you to be able to follow in the software what you see, step by step.
That means that you do not need to follow the exercises sequentially, but can separately perform the chapters with the functionality of your current interest.

The exercises are introduced by a brief overview ("Generic Steps of an Optimization") and concluded by an optional chapter about theoretical background, extracted from the help.


While these exercises are meant to make you able to set up your own optimizations, it is recommended to follow additional sources (documentation, e-learning, online classes, ...) to learn about further capabilities of OptiStruct, like additionaly optimization types (Shape, Free-Shape, Topography, Free-Size), manufacturing constraints, composite optimization, high performance computing options and much more.

Now have a look at the attachment of this article: Simply download and unzip the zip-file - then follow the contained pdf file.
Videos and exercise data are linked from inside it (do not separate the files of the unzipped data - this may break the links contained in the pdf file.)