Optimization of a High-Performance Composite Bicycle

Composite bicycle frames typically utilize over four hundred individual plies. Optimization and digital validation can reduce development time by months and reduce the number of costly destructive tests.

Our client, Allied Cycle Works, needed to achieve the ride and handling characteristics expected from a race-ready platform, pass all of the structural tests required, while reducing time to market. OptiStruct was used from initial laminate concept design, optimization, and final validation. We were able to significantly reduce weight, optimize layup in high-stress areas, while achieving industry-leading ride characteristics. HyperStudy allowed us to characterize each ply and break the model down in to smaller optimizations.

All of the optimizations paid off in the test lab, where only a few samples were needed for destructive testing. Allied Cycle Works met their production timeline and bikes were ready to ship for the spring and summer riding seasons.

This presentation by Chris Meertens, Owner at GridLayer LLC was recorded at the Americas ATC West in Los Angeles, CA on September 14, 2017.